The mission of DCRE, Inc. is to help people bring more equality to their work opportunities in the New Economy.


My name is Oscar Martinez.  I have degrees from two universities and have worked for employers my entire life.  I am 63 years old and I want to explore with you new ways to succeed economically, professionally and personally in our New Economy.

In case your wondering, the acronym, DCRE is simply the first letter in the middle name of each of my four children.  It helps me to remember that the services I offer are important to the future generations.  As my career winds down, so many smart, talented and creative young people are seeking to make their way in this new economy.  I hope I can help them.


It’s our desire to provide people some ways to push back against an economic system that tends to dominate the American worker. In today’s changing economy with globalization, technology and the mass transfer of information and capital the typical workers are now able to create their own opportunities and spend their time on work that they enjoy for customers all over the world. You just have to reconsider old beliefs about the American “work ethic”.  You know, the one that says, “work hard and you will be rewarded”.  Maybe you can replace it with, “seek where your passion and the needs of the world intersect”.  That’s where you will find the greater value for your work.


To give you some options on how to make a thoughtful and well planned transition from working for others  to working  with  others or, for yourself.

All the best,

Oscar R. Martinez


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