Earning Extra Income Can Improve Your “Wealth” In Many Ways

We are fortunate that in today’s economy, like never before, you and I can create new ways to generate revenue beyond what we make in our daily job. But first, it may be helpful to stop and ask yourself this question, “If I am going to strive to expand the work I do beyond my day job, what is my goal and what are my objectives to achieve my goal?” You may think, the immediate goal is to make more money. But, wait!! Isn’t that why you took your current job you have now in the first place?

My primary purpose in offering people alternate revenue strategies is to close in some small way the existing gap in wealth between the rich and people like you me. If you’re not familiar with chasm of wealth in America between the top ten percent of income earners and the bottom fifty percent of income earners, either check out my website or just google it. To be clear, I’m not making a political, or social statement here. I just think that as individuals we need to do what we can to take our wealth status in our own hands.

So, if your goal is to close this existing wealth gap, I think there are three objectives we should focus on to achieve this goal. You may have more and that’s great. This is just a starting point.


First, we should of course strive to make more money to immediately improve our lives. Let’s be honest, we all want more money. Additional money allows us to acquire disposable items, or services that improve the quality of our lives. You have worked hard your entire life and taking on extra work doesn’t make it any easier. But if your successful, it could increase the amount of income you have to spend on things you want now, without additional dependence on your existing employer. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?


Second, we can use some of this new revenue to secure our future. Investment of new revenue in items such as improved health coverage, increased educational opportunities, investment in your retirement, acquiring workforce training, obtaining quality child care, purchase real estate or even encouraging local, state and federal representatives leaders to listen to what you think are things the wealthy use their income on, so why shouldn’t you? So closing your gap in wealth doesn’t just mean spending on disposable items like televisions, travel, cars, etc. as mentioned in the paragraph above. It means using your wealth to fill the gaps in your life that protects your future, like the wealthy are accustomed to.  It’s all about striving for equality.


And third, you can look for work that fulfills your unfilled passion. Find the work, or creative endeavor that will satisfy and celebrate your individuality in this world. If you’re like me, you agreed to work for your employer because it paid the bills and, if your lucky, it was something generally relates to your education and training. But, here is the question. Does your work offer you the opportunity to do something that excites you and makes you feel you are fulfilling a need in the world? Does it correlate with what is truly your purpose in life? If not, then maybe you will be better off finding an alternative to just working for an employer. Hopefully, something that inspires you and makes you want to go to work every day! In other words, wealth isn’t just money, or what it can buy you now or in the future. It is the pleasure and satisfaction that your work brings to you and others. That’s wealth beyond your bank account.


So, essentially, if you desire to work towards the goal of closing the gap between you and the wealthy, you could focus on some, or all the these objectives: 1) Make more immediate disposable income; 2) Gather more revenue to eliminate the threats to your future; and 3) find work that is your passion and fulfills your true purpose on this earth. Those objectives, if fulfilled, will close you gap in wealth.


So, if you want to start considering how you close your wealth gap by increasing your flow of disposable cash, secure your future, or offer personal fulfillment in your work, start now by looking at my website dcreincrevenuestrategies.com and seriously consider if you want to take advantage of the options we offer.

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