Let’s License Something

Open Innovation

Are you the creative type who is always envisioning new and better ways to do things?  Do you constantly think of ways to make things more efficient or enjoyable, more aesthetically pleasing, or just plain fun? Do you often see ways to improve or enhance the products or services you use regularly, or make them more functional?

The maybe you and I can work together with the new business trend called “open innovation” that is reshaping the business world in the New Economy.  Companies today have finally realized that they can, and must, find new and innovative ideas from people like you and me who are outside their company.  All we need is a simple idea and a simple strategy to bring the idea to market.

If you want to equalize your work by creating and sharing your new ideas (that will be protected as your ideas) and I’ll help you develop a strategy to bring them to market, or help me design and finish an idea so it is ready to go to be presented to a potential buyer in the market, this is the place for you.

If you want to discuss how we can:

  1. Get creative and formulate you own ideas;
  2. Determine if the idea will sell;
  3. Safegaurd your idea;
  4. Plan every step to take your idea to market;
  5. Develop sales tools sell the benefits of the idea;
  6. Find the right door to knock on; and
  7. Help me develop my innovations and take them to the market.

Then please send an email to: http://dcrerevenuestrategies.com